Callum offers great flexibility to artists. He operates as a freelance sound engineer in various studios across Australia. The majority of Callum’s work is undertaken at some of Melbourne’s best known studios:
Sing Sing Studios, Richmond, Victoria, Australia.
Newmarket Studios, North Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
Coloursound Studio, Altona, Victoria, Australia
Bakehouse Studios, North Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia..

Callum is also willing and able to record in any old (or new!) studio. This includes taking his equipment and performing a location recording at your favourite beach house!

His Studio work has afforded Callum the opportunity to work with a diverse range of artists such as British India, Eagle & The Worm, Saskwatch, Fraser A Gorman, Dorsal Fins, Dan Sultan, You Am I, Gun Street Girls, The Pictures, The Beasts of Bourbon, Mike Noga, The Grand Rapids, Alan Brown, Anton Delecca, Maddy Hay, Major Chord, The Tiger and Me and Tessa & The Type Cast just to name a few.

Sing Sing Studios being Melbourne’s elite recording facility, have 5 studios in their complex, covering all requirements for recording, mixing and mastering for every budget both large and small. They have extensive vintage and new microphones, with outboard equipment lists that have everything and anything required for a great quality recording. Callum has experience in all of these spaces and would highly recommend Sing Sing for your next project.

Newmarket Studios, one of Melbourne’s premier commercial recording facilities, offers an extensive range of analogue equipment, including an impressive array of vintage microphones and classic outboard gear in an acoustically treated space, with four isolation rooms enabling visual contact between performers whilst recording.

Coloursound Studio has an amazing range of vintage gear with some greta quirky microphones, outboard to die for and a nice big Neve desk to top it all off! Situated in Altona, and priced extremely reasonable, this studio offers a great option for your next project.

Bakehouse Studios offers a cost efficient recording option, with high quality output. Bakehouse also offers 2″ tape along with the advantage of digital recording, with a nice selection of microphones.

Callum has worked with a variety of musical genres (Rock, Folk, Jazz, Classical, Funk, Metal, Blues…) and recording approaches and has extensive experience working with analogue 2″ tape and Pro Tools HD.