Owned and operated by Melbourne-based engineer Callum John Barter, Solid Sound provides professional studio recording, studio mixing services and live sound production.

Callum has been busy working as a sound engineer for the last 10 years across Australia, utilising Sing Sing Studios, Newmarket Studio, Coloursound Studio, and Bakehouse Studios accommodating for all his clients around the country. His Studio work has also afforded Callum the opportunity to work with a diverse range of artists such as British India, Big Scary, Saskwatch, Eagle & The Worm, Fraser A Gorman, Major Chord, Dan Sultan, You Am I, Gun Street Girls, The Pictures, The Beasts of Bourbon, Mike Noga, Brian Hooper, The Double Agents, Alan Brown, Anton Delecca, Maddy Hay and The Tiger and Me just to name a few.

Exposure to such a vast range of musicians and musical styles over the years both in the studio and live setting has allowed Callum to hone his ear and production techniques to consistently produce an impressive, unique and identifiable sound. In addition to this, Callum’s professionalism, strong work ethic and ability to deliver a polished and considered sound for artist time and time again, is testament to why this engineer’s diary has limited free space in 2014.

For further information please contact Callum:

Callum John Barter
Ph: +61 417 532 040
Email: callum AT solidsound DOT com DOT au