The ever growing list of clients Callum has worked with:

R = Record, M = Mixed (Studio), MM = Mixed & Mastered,
L = Live Engineering, A = Assistant, D= Drums

The Adam Simmons Quartet [A]
Alan Brown’s Australian Jazz Band [A]
Amys Theory [R, M, L]
Ancient Free Gardners [R, M, D]
Anita George [R, M, L]
Anton Delecca [R]
Ashleigh Southam [M]
Beasts Of Bourbon [A]
Big Scary [L]
Blue Jays [R, M]
Black Pony Express [R, L]
Blue Juice [L]
Blue King Brown [L]
Boy In A Box [L]
Brian Hooper [L, A]
British India [R, M, L]
Buckley Ward [M, L]
Buried Horses [R, M]
The Cat Empire [L]
Chris Cavill & The Long Weekend [R, M, L]
Combat Wombat [L]
Courtney Barnet [L]
Dan Auerbach (Black Keys) [L]
Dan Sultan [R, M]
David Blyth [R, M]
Deadly Are The Naked [L]
The Double Agents [L, A]
Dorsal Fins [R, M]
The Disheveled Gentlemen [D]
Eagle & The Worm [R, M]
Eddy Current Suppression Ring [L]
Elephant Eyes [M]
Emma Anglesey [R, M, L]
Final Warning [R, M]
Fraser A Gorman [R, L]
The Gentlemen of Fortune [R, M]
Hamish Macleod [R, M, D]
Henry Joseph [R]
Houlette [L]
George Washing Machine & Julie O’Hara [A]
Georgia Fields [L]
The Grand Rapids [R, M, L]
Gunieafowl [L]
Gun Street Girls [R, M, D]
James McCann’s Dirty Skirt Band [L]
Jess McAvoy [L]
Joe Ransom [R, M, D]
Jonathan Skovron [R, MM]
Jumper [M]
Keshie [M, L]
Kristy Lewis & the Wretched [R, M, L]
Lighting Dead [R, M, L]
Lights On At Heathrow [R, M, L]
Leisure Class [R, L]
Lior [A]
Maddy Hay [R]
Macame [R, M]
Magic Dirt [L]
Major Chord [R, M]
Mike Noga [L]
Mike Noga & The Gentlemen of Fortune [R, M]
Mikelangelo [R, M]
Mikelangelo & St Claire [R, M]
M.J. Halloran & The Sinners [R, M]
Money For Rope [M]
Moshie Hendel [R, MM]
Motion – Andrew Brooks & Berish Bilander [R]
My Friend The Chocolate Cake [A]
Nick Charles [A]
The Nymphs [R, L]
Papa Maul [R, M]
Patricia Hemmingway [R, M]
The Pictures [R]
Racing Daphne [R, M]
Sailors & Swine [R, M]
Sabrina & The Red Vans [R, M]
Steve Boyd [R, M]
The Tiger and Me [R, M, L]
Tessa & The Type Cast [R, M, L]
Victorian Concert Orchestra [R, M]
“Virgins”- Dean Bryant & Mathew Frank Musical [R, M]
Witch Hats [L]
You Am I [A]
Vance Joy [L]
Zerafina Zara [R, M]